The Tapes have returned in season 2 of “13 Reasons Why”

By Amy Grunther, Arts and Culture Editor

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More than a year after season 1 of “13 Reasons Why” hit Netflix, the second season of the show came out with a bang. Everyone was wondering what happened to Alex Standal, if Tyler was going to shoot up the school, was Bryce going to get what he deserves, making the release of the second season a huge deal for “13 reasons” fans. Many supporters stayed up all night on May 18 watching the show from start to finish with the hopes of having all of their unanswered questions from season one answered.

Season 2 of “13 Reasons Why” focuses on the trial of Hannah Baker. After Hannah commits suicide due to supposed cruel treatment at school, her parents decide to put the school, Liberty High school, on trial for neglecting the bullying going on and ignoring Hannah’s suicidal thoughts and behavior. Everyone that Hannah interacted with, or had a relationship with, is forced to testify and describe their interactions with Hannah. The audience is constantly left in suspense, wondering if the witnesses will tell the truth and help Hannah’s case or lie and support the school. The season also exposes some unexpected behaviors of some of the main characters and introduces several new characters that play a big role in the plot of the show.

Though the show was a hit when it first came out last year, it did stir up controversy amongst high school students and their parents. Many parents of teens claimed that the show triggered teenage depression. To try and clear up problems regarding the controversial issues in the show, the series added a message at the end of each episode where they explain that if someone needs help with issues displayed in the show they should visit the “13 reasons” website and receive help from one of the given crisis centers that they offer.

Though a third season of the show has not been confirmed yet, the cliffhanger at the end of the second season hints that there will be more to the story. Despite the heavy topics displayed in the show, it is beloved amongst teens and has everyone talking.

“I liked the surprises and twists of the second season,” sophomore Reem Aly said. “The show addressed important topics, like bullying and sexual assault. The characters are really relatable too. I really hope they make a third season, I need to find out what happens!”

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