What’s old is new for hot summer fashion trends

By Brenna Campanaro, Arts and Culture editor

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High schoolers are all about being trendy; most care a lot about their appearance and what other people think of their clothes. With June approaching, there are plenty of new clothing trends that have students head over heels, literally. Teenage girls have a wide variety of new clothing options for the season: skirts, rompers, shorts and so much more. Boys mostly stick to the usual shorts and a tank top, but even they have some fun new choices this year. The biggest trend this summer: Old throwbacks making new comebacks.



Tube tops are a big out-of-school trend. While tank tops are a staple, tube tops made their way to the top.They are usually worn with denim, but can also be worn with suede skirts and pants. With colors ranging from black to hot pink, tube tops are taking over stores.



Lara Del Vecchio
Many girls are wearing denim skirts as Summer approaches.


A major trend this year has been denim everything.  Along with denim jackets, expect to see jean skirts flooding through Times Square during the last days of school. They can be worn with tight tops or flowy tops tucked in. Some jean skirts are designed with flowers, some with ties, cutouts, patches or camouflage.







Lara Del Vecchio
Joggers are a perfect way to look cute and still be comfortable.

Joggers have become a style that lets people feel like they are home in bed, but are really looking trendy and cute. They’re mostly worn with loose long-sleeves, T-shirts, tank tops and sweaters. “Joggers are the perfect mix of sweatpants and leggings,” junior Christina Doud said. This item is popular among girls and boys. 









This new trend is one for the books. Chubbies are short-shorts made for men and can be sold in the swimsuit departments. They come in all colors, prints and designs. “I love chubbies… those are my thing… I rock those,” freshman Vincent Panzarino said.




Lara Del Vecchio
Vans are simple, yet stylish and trendy.


Shoes finish off the perfect outfit. Give those Adidas Superstars a summer vacation and pick up a pair of Vans instead! Vans brought back their Classic low cut, laced or unlaced sneakers, made in multiple different patterns and colors which are necessary for a chic look.