Cosse marks 300th win for lacrosse


Courtesy of Mary Wojtowicz

The girls lacrosse team celebrates Coach Jill Cosse’s 300th lacrosse win on May 4.

By Josie Berger, Sports Editor

Jill Cosse achieved her 300th win in girls lacrosse against Newark Academy with a score of 15-3 on Friday, May 4. This is Coach Cosse’s 21st year at West Essex, making this her 21st season coaching both field hockey and girls lacrosse. Although this game was a special win, Cosse acknowledges all the girls and all of the games they have played, which helped her get to this point in her career.

Over the course of a season and with this specific conference schedule, it was hard to predict when this achievement would take place. Although this win was not overly shocking to the team, the athletes said they were thrilled for Coach Cosse’s landmark occasion.

“Cosse is a really great coach, leader and our team wouldn’t be where we are without her” freshman Kylie O’Connor said.

“I love getting to know the girls and seeing what they are capable of doing over the course of a season” Coach Cosse said, “[Coaching] has become my life and I love everyday of it.”

Coach Cosse has achieved another milestone win for the books, with a total of 738 wins for field hockey and lacrosse.