Has technology taken over relationships?


By Brenna Campanaro, Arts & Culture Editor

It’s 2018, and technology and social media outlets have completely transformed the way relationships work. Now, people can communicate and create bonds without actually seeing each other face to face.These enhancements in social media are disputed, some see them as beneficial, while others think they are harmful or even both.

Some of the key aspects of establishing and building a connection are trust, honesty and communication. These features can make or break a relationship, but technology does not always allow them to develop.

Apps including Snapchat, Instagram and dating platforms can harm the natural expression between others. “It shouldn’t be the only form of communication, only using technology to communicate ruins social skills,” junior Julia Vardiman said.

Technology additionally ruins a relationship because it can transform the truth and alter what someone is saying. “There is too much access to other people’s thoughts and opinions,” junior Sabrina Krasner said.

Technology has its beneficial components as well. While learning to trust a person, you need to learn about them. Texting, FaceTiming, scrolling through Instagram and plenty more allows people to explore the lives of others. It also allows easy communication whenever necessary.

“It is beneficial because if I had an argument with someone I could call them up and we could work it out right away,” sophomore Natalie Carnovale said.

The idea of having an outlet to meet new people or reuniting with those from the past, can help bring people together who might not have without the push.

“Trust, honesty and communication are all definitely very important” sophomore Sophia Hug said. “And that’s why technology is beneficial in relationships because it gives more opportunities to learn and build a future with someone.”

In this generation, technology has taken over relationships. It benefits a partnership, but hurts it as well.