Heroes of West Essex

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Heroes of West Essex

By Monica Barker, Apprentice Editor

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Most people don’t know that there’s a handful of teen EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) at West Essex and they should  get more recognition for their commitment.

These students dedicate their days and nights to volunteer for those in need. They are juggling around EMT classes, EMT studying, after school sports, in school classes and homework. Not only do these students participate as EMS but they ride on the First Aid Squad as well.  

When someone is part of the First Aid Squad, no matter what age , they’re a family. These people spend long nights and days together and learn to rely on one another.

As an EMS provider, I feel that I have changed because I have seen many people in stressful and life-threatening situations”junior Caroline Ben Nathan said.

These teens are there not just to learn but to help the community. Participating as an EMS helps them feel better about themselves and makes their days more alluring.

“The most interesting part is the calls” junior Jennifer Ben Nathan said. “A 911 call could be for anything and it is our job to be there and help whoever needs medical attention.”

Both of these teens are thinking about going into the medical field in the future and practicing hands on activities now will be the perfect experience for a good head start.

“I was never involved with my community and I was thinking about the healthcare field” senior Gianna Gambino said. “By becoming a Cadette I feel better about myself for helping the community and getting involved.”  

A Cadette is also known as a probation member of the First Aid Squad. Cadettes are not considered an EMS or EMT but have the opportunity to ride and contribute long hours.

There are many teens involved in a First Aid Squad whether it’s for West Essex or Roseland. Luke Pryor is a teen EMT, while Sam Rosenberg, Mac Farrell and a few others are active members at the First Aid Squad.

Being a teen EMT or EMS means dedication to those in need, long hours of riding and strenuous classes that must be completed. But, these West Essex students are all for it.