Many ways of communicating through Snapchat

By Monica Barker, Apprentice

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Snapchat. It’s something we’ve all heard, but it’s nothing new. Within the app there are many ways to communicate with one another.

Whether it’s keeping a daily snap streak, snapping in group chats, private messaging, regular stories and private snap stories. Both teens and adults seem to be getting involved. But the question is, why are there so many levels between communicating just within one app and why is a multi platform app like Snapchat favorable?  

Some teens keep snapchat on the down low and don’t obsess over the app all day and all night long.

“Sometimes I post on my public story” said senior Vincent Nemchick. “But for the most part I just focus on keeping my snap streaks.”

What many people don’t see, especially adults, is there are many hidden details within Snapchat. For one, teens communicate with their closer friends in a different way than they would their more distant friends.

“I text my close friends because it’s easier to have a conversation with them” said junior Nicole Riccio. “Snapchat is more for my distant friends.”

Snapchat has been out since 2012, and over the years it has lost its spark. Streaks began to be a hassle and teens don’t talk to half their contacts. So Snapchat made the decision to make alterations. Custom Stories, also known as private stories.

Custom stories are similar to regular stories but with the privilege to choose who sees the stories. Students in West Essex tent to take private stories as a chance to vlog their daily lives and post about themselves.

“I have a private snap story were I get my friends opinions on different things without having to ask them separately” said freshman Lena Rondi. “I feel like I can be myself more on my private snap stories.”  

What makes all the aspects of the app so appealing? There’s innumerable ways to communicate within an app which helps teens feel more comfortable communicating. Multi platform apps allow teens to be more true and express themselves they way they please to.

“It’s less personal to snap someone” said Junior Mary Fant. “Snapchat makes it easier to communicate when you’re not close because it’s easier to stop the awkward conversation.”

No one knows why we treat Snapchat the way we do. Teens dislike streaks, so why freak out over the hourglass? Why post on a story for the “special someone” to see, when it’s easier to snap them individually? Teens don’t socialize with majority of their contacts, why even have them? Why not Snapchat all friends and why only Snapchat the more distant ones? What makes snapping someone more casual than texting?

Over years, the ins and outs of Snapchat have become nothing but a trend that teens don’t question.