OPINION: Put yourself before relationships

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OPINION: Put yourself before relationships

By Monica Barker, Apprentice Editor

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We’ve all heard once or twice that relationships are difficult. But maintaining a relationship doesn’t always have to be as challenging and misleading as it sounds. Some of the best pieces of advice about making that special connection work are your instincts, even if you don’t always want to listen to them.

Students today have various opinions on how to maintain a relationship as a teen. In a poll of 68 students asking their thoughts on ranking different pieces of dating advice, the most recommended guideline was to “only get into a relationship if you know it’s best for you.” Students who responded said this wasn’t a particularly new ideology, but it was challenging.

“If you don’t think of the person you’re in a relationship with as one of your best friends, then you shouldn’t be dating them,” senior Rachel D’Allegro said.

Dating is a big commitment as a teenager; it is important for both people to be ready for something big to start. Before a relationship gets too serious, remember to keep in mind that it’s more about who they are as an individual.

20 out of 68 survey respondents believe that to maintain a relationship, “it’s important to not allow others’ opinions to reflect on your feelings in a relationship.”

“If you don’t like them then don’t waste your time or their time,” junior Jenna Lentz said.

When in a relationship, think about yourself and if it’s best for you. There are right and wrong reasons for a relationship, and if you are in it for the wrong reason, just get out of it.

16 out of 68 survey respondents say that, “in a relationship you should not cause tension and drama just for the fun of it.”

Rumors tend to start regarding people in relationships. Rather than listening to the drama, talk it out with your partner.

In high school, teenagers are still struggling to find themselves, making it more difficult to maintain a relationship. When a teen is determined to keep dating, they’ll do what they can to save their relationship. All teens have their own opinions on dating, whether they aren’t ready for it, it’s too much work or it’s exactly what they want while in high school.

Based off of what happens in West Essex, I’ve seen that many teens aren’t mature enough to maintain a steady relationship, allowing others opinions to take over their relationship. Instead of taking everyone’s advice, focus on your own feelings.

But the real question is, if everyone knows the key to maintaining a relationship, why don’t teens want to follow through with it? Sure, that’s easier said than done, but if a relationship is something someone’s heart has always desired, then it’s possible. If there’s a will, there’s a way.   

Keep in mind, when trying to get into a relationship, it’s for yourself. It is not for the rest of the school. Live your life on your own terms  and decide what is best for you.