Dobrev’s return could revive dying ‘Vampire Diaries’

By Sara Amil, Arts & Culture Editor

It’s no secret that two years ago “The Vampire Diaries” was one of the hottest shows on TV, but when you ask people about it now they’ll  respond with a blank expression. The show maintained a strong following throughout their six seasons, but suddenly the ratings and fanbase took a hit. This drop in popularity is credited to the absence of main character, Nina Dobrev, most commonly known for playing the warm-hearted, selfless Elena Gilbert.  

Dobrev was previously a  main focus in the show as well as  her character’s relationships with the Salvatore brothers.  Fans went crazy for Delena and Stelena and raged at her absence. In case you did not know, “Delena” is the pairing of Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore, and “Stelena” is Elena and Stefan Salvatore, two vampire brothers who live in the fictional Mystic Falls.  Ever since the first season, fans rooted for Elena and Damon to get together, and when they finally did fans could not get enough. The relationship caused a lot of drama in the show, and the absence of it leaves an unsettling hole.

Recently, producers have tried to create new “ships” that would take place of Delena, but, sadly, they just do not compare. “Shipping” is when you root for two characters of a show, usually romantically,  to get together or just supporting them if they are not together.

“I tried to stay loyal and continue watching the next season without her, but it was so horrible that I had to stop,” said junior Olivia Altiero, one of the many who tried and failed at keeping up with the show.  

“I watched the beginning of Season 7 just to see how it was, but it was boring without Elena in it,” said junior Ashley Iannuzzi.

Dobrev’s absence in the show has definitely impacted both the viewers and plot. According to celebrity gossip website, Movie News Guide, “Requiem for a Dream,” an episode in Season 7,  had the lowest rating in the history of the show. Fans watched the show mainly to support the couple, and in the absence of the two’s relationship, ratings have dropped.

“Elena definitely made the series better because I loved her relationship with Damon, and the relationship was a major cause of conflict in the show,” said freshman Tara Smith. Smith was another   fan who simply could not find the willpower to watch the show as it drastically declined.

There were always rumors about Dobrev possibly returning to the show, however they were recently confirmed with her instagram post on January 26. The star slyly hinted at her return, and fans were buzzing with this teaser.

“Even though I stopped watching, I definitely plan on seeing the finale because I love Elena and need to see the end,” junior Paige Johnston said. “This show was my childhood.”

Whether fans gave up on the show or somehow persevered and continued watching, it was painfully obvious that “TVD” was not the epic show it once was. It is true that the viewer count may rise again, but it will only be for one episode when Elena returns.