Mental Health: Theme Issue 2017


Emotions. We’re all humans who are constantly reminded of our thoughts and feelings that are triggered by our emotional state. In light of this, the Wire has created a special edition dedicated to the realities of our emotions and the possible side effects it has on our mental health.


What is mental illness?

How America has reacted to the ‘terror’ in terrorism


OPINION: Having high or low GPAs does not eliminate school anxiety


Does it bother you? Don’t trivialize mental illness

Does it Bother You? Adults add to the stress of college decisions

OPINION: There’s a way to get out of unhealthy relationships


How are you? I’m fine.

Is a teen clinically depressed or just moody?

Hunger and anger are causing “food swings”

Are you emotionally intelligent?

Arts and Culture

Art takes on a new form of expression

Comedy: A mask for mental illness?

New obsession causes cringes

Our favorite characters have mental illness, too

Thank you, Evan Hansen. Sincerely, me.


Strong mentality makes players succeed

Metro area’s most depressing teams

Losing a large lead has been the trend