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High school hits: West Essex lives up to TGIF vibes

Staff photo by Emma Sceppaguercio
Music plays throughout the speakers at West Essex every Friday.

What’s a better way to lead up to the weekend than hearing your favorite songs over the loudspeaker? The excitement of Friday and the upcoming weekend is amped by the new addition of hallway music. Assistant Principal Kimberly Westervelt and Special Education WE Connect Teacher Amanda Fernicola started the new practice as a regular feature this school year, making nearly every Friday since then sweet-sounding within passing periods. From African American singers for Black History Month to women singers for Women’s History Month and upbeat hits for all of April, each song choice has made its way to the speakers for students to enjoy while awaiting the arrival of the weekend. 

Fernicola and Westervelt work with the school’s Climate and Culture Committee to build up suggestions on a weekly playlist. From the Google Form they sent out to the Committee, they are able to pick and choose the perfect songs to lead students into their fulfilling weekends. The students and staff have collectively decided upon songs that will ultimately benefit students’ days.

“I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to incorporate Music Fridays at the high school,” Fernicola said. ”This idea originated from the School’s Culture and Climate Committee, and I believe it adds a fun and enjoyable element to our Fridays. It’s wonderful to see members of the school singing along in the hallways during passing time. I hope both students and staff have been enjoying the music selections, and I look forward to continuing this tradition.” 

Students feel a rush of adrenaline between classes as they hear their favorite “throwback” song pumping through the loudspeaker.  

“Honestly, I think the hallway music on Fridays was a great addition to the school day,” sophomore Sophia Scrica said. “As much as I giggle about it, I catch myself singing the song everytime.” 

When the bell rings, students immediately meet up with their friends to walk to their next class while enjoying the captivating music. The tunes motivate students and staff to maintain a positive school environment. 

“The music they play throughout the school gives a boost of energy to everyone and I feel like it just makes everyone’s mood better,” said junior Ricky Constantino.

Because of this exciting addition to Friday’s school day, Fernicola and Westervelt are looking forward to continuing the tradition!

Behind the Byline
Emma Sceppaguercio
Emma Sceppaguercio, Contributor
Emma Sceppaguercio is a junior contributor for the Wessex Wire. When she isn't playing a sport, you'll likely catch her at the nearest Chipotle! She enjoys listening to music, especially Bruno Mars.
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