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OPINION: Teen relationships are not a priority

Photo courtesy of Daniel Antunes (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED)
Many teens feel the need to fit in and be in a relationship.

Navigating through high school has become increasingly challenging as students balance homework, friendships and sports. On top of everything, the need to experience “teenage love” has become a top priority for teenagers. Many teens long to get into the exclusive club of couples that fill social media feeds. However, they fail to consider the fraudulent nature of many of these online couples and the potential consequence of being involved in a relationship like that.

The increased use of social media as a means to flaunt teenage relationships has left many who aren’t in one feeling like they’re missing out on a quintessential aspect of high school life. Despite the fact that many teens are not prepared to be in a committed relationship, seeing posts about the “magic” of teenage love may convince them otherwise. Thus, many high schoolers may enter a relationship, only to be faced with pointless fights and unnecessary drama that takes a serious mental toll. The glamorous idea that was shown on social media never comes to fruition and teens are left heart-broken and upset. 

While high school relationships can be fun and create lots of good memories, there’s no need to feel such a strong sense of need if you don’t have one. There is only a finite amount of years in life where you can enjoy being young and being responsible for only yourself. Spending high school learning more about who you are will only benefit your future relationships. Teens who long to experience a high school relationship must realize that it’s not as important or life-changing as they think. 

High school is a unique time in which you have total personal freedom and the ability to discover your interests for the future. There is nothing wrong with exploring new relationships, but there is no need to feel as though you are missing out, despite what social media may say.   Free from the ties of emotional stress and having to manage a serious relationship, teens can enjoy their adolescence and leave these steps for the future. 

Photo Credit: “Love!” by Daniel Antunes is licensed under (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED)


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Alexandra Angelo
Alexandra Angelo, Opinion Editor
Alexandra Angelo, is an Opinion Section Editor for the 2024-2025 Wessex Wire. She loves baking, shopping, and spending time down the shore. When she isn’t doing any of those things, you can find her hanging out with friends and family. 
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