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Gyms provide teens with an environment to improve

Photo courtesy of A.Currell (CC BY-NC 2.0 DEED)
Every person can learn new skills, gain strength and get a good workout at a gym.

Many students get a gym membership with big goals in mind. Whether it’s getting in shape, socializing with friends or training during their sport’s off-season, the gym provides an environment to push students to their highest potential. With many different machines and equipment designed to work all major muscle groups, the workout options provided at the gym are endless. 

Gym staff and pre-existing members are always available to provide guidance and instructions for newcomers. They can advise young athletes on the best workouts to get them into shape and instructions on how to use all of the different kinds of machines. All trainers and managers are professionals, ensuring proper supervision to prevent any mishaps that could cause injury.

Senior Rebecca Clements, a member of Planet Fitness, says she feels challenged yet gratified every visit.

“The cardio section is amazing because they have a lot of machines, and there is never a wait time to get on any,” Clements said.

Exercise can produce many physical benefits, but according to the CDC, it can also help decrease long-term anxiety in adults and enhance cognitive thinking. Regular physical activity is linked with better sleep and an overall improvement in one’s mental health. 

At the gym, people can engage in a wide variety of workouts, whether that be cardio, weight lifting, pilates, cycling and more. Local gym memberships supply students with endless opportunities to work at their own pace and up to their own abilities. All members have the chance to meet new people and develop relationships at the gym to enhance their knowledge and skills, making the gym a collaborative experience.

Senior Brandon Sivori, a regular member at XCEL Sports and Fitness, shares his experience and lessons that he’s learned from going to the gym.

“I have learned discipline, dedication and patience,” Sivori said. “It has been a great experience to see myself look better and increase in weight through every exercise.”

Gym members of all ages may set different goals for themselves, but achieving their personal records is nonetheless an incredible feeling. Whether someone is looking for physical or mental results, consistently pushing themselves each week in the gym can give them the morale boost they need to achieve their goals.

Exercising is mainly about your mindset, and having the motivation to show up and work is something that can help inspire others around you. 

Showing up looks different for everyone, and awareness of your body’s limits and abilities is critical to success. Taking it easy after exhausting days in the gym can help decrease the risks of injuries. Junior Katie Housel is another active XCEL Sports and Fitness member who emphasizes the importance of looking out for yourself.

“I learned how to push myself but also listen to my body at the same time,” Housel said. “Some days I just feel stronger than others; it’s really all about what feels good in the moment and not being hard on myself if it’s not my day.”

Getting the opportunity to engage in physical activity in the gym can have long-lasting positive impacts on one’s confidence. Local gyms help provide students with an engaging community that they can use to benefit themselves mentally and physically.

Photo Credit: “Gym” by A.Currell is licensed under (CC BY-NC 2.0 DEED)


Photo courtesy of Rebecca Clements

Planet Fitness, located in Fairfield, provides a wide variety of cardio machines in a comfortable environment to ensure that beginners have a safe space to start working out. They have a large number of bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and stair climbers that make efficient use of their substantial space.



Photo courtesy of XCEL Sports and Fitness

XCEL Sports and Fitness, located in Fairfield, and just a short walk away from West Essex, offers an immense sports performance facility including training areas and basketball courts on top of regular amenities. They also have different workout classes, private training opportunities and group fitness classes for a more individualized experience.



Photo courtesy of Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness in Fairfield offers a wide range of free weight training to help suit different levels of strength. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this gym has the necessary equipment to help build muscle. Their machines and weight racks offer everybody the opportunity to test their brawn.

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