Does it Bother You? Remember to bring cash! Cards will be declined

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Photo by Isabel Tabs

By Grace George ’17

Does it bother you that the cafeteria doesn’t take credit or debit cards? There are many students who have the luxury of a debit or credit card, but they cannot use them when it comes to buying a lunch or a snack from the school cafeteria.This is a serious inconvenience for those of us who like to deposit all of our money and find it easier to just carry around a card everywhere.

Students have not always had cards, but as of recently, it is really common to find that students have credit or debit cards that are either their own or their parents. The school administration should recognize this and implement machines that allow us to buy food and drinks from the cafeteria with just the swipe of a card.

Not only is the refusal to allow students to use cards also a refusal to develop with the times, but it can be a major inconvenience for the average student. Students who have jobs either get direct deposits or checks to cash into their bank accounts. Many students can ask their parents for some extra money, but this is often done by transferring money into their account. This leaves them with no cash and, therefore, no extra money to splurge on a nice Rice Krispies treat.

Not only is the lack of a card machine frustrating for students, it is nonsensical. This school is extremely technologically advanced with T.V.s i n the halls and cafeteria and the new Chromebooks. It doesn’t make sense for the school to lack in technology where it would provide a real convenience for students.

I realize that complaining about my debit card’s lack of use in school may seem petty, but it is a serious struggle. I have fallen victim to the dollar-less situation many a time.

It is too often that I find myself digging for change in my backpack and begging for money from my friends just to buy a coffee. I always ALWAYS, however, have my card with me. So, come on, West Essex! Let’s go plastic!