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OPINION: Implementation of new classes creates the opportunity to better students’ future

Additional classes at West Essex allows students to gain experience for future careers.
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Additional classes at West Essex allows students to gain experience for future careers.

Every year as the new West Essex program of studies gets passed around, students run into the dilemma of class selection. Many course requirements are miscellaneous to students’ intended career interests, and this conflicts with proper education for them. Although many students are not 100 percent sure of the career they want to commit to, many are aware of their interests and therefore the basics of their field. West Essex and other schools should not have strict graduation requirements, instead, they should create a wider variety of class options opening up the opportunity for students to take classes more closely related to their study of interest.

West Essex has incorporated various class options for the 2024-2025 school year schedule including AP Psychology, Pop Culture in American History and Spanish for Heritage Speakers. Students should get the opportunity to take classes like these where they can learn about these more specialized interests, therefore, I believe that administration should continue to add classes like these and student’s should take advantage of these opportunities.

Administration should add more classes that are directly related to different main careers based on opinions, with the use of a poll asking students about their later careers. Although there were a few courses added to the selection sheet, such as AP Psychology and Pop culture, there should be more classes added that can introduce students to their intended career field. 

By adding classes related to student’s intended careers, it can allow students to gain valuable knowledge and skills that directly relate to their desired professions. This targeted approach allows students to explore their interests and passions at an early age, helping them to make informed decisions about their future career paths and if they would like to change it or continue it. In my opinion, career-focused classes provide practical and hands-on experiences that go beyond the typical academic subjects that students are required to take to graduate. However, I feel that if the administration continues to add more classes to the selection form, it is the student’s obligation to take advantage of these classes.

Students benefit from this because they can learn specific skills and gain exposure to real-world scenarios, and develop a deeper understanding of their chosen fields, if they are aware of it. Not only does this enhance their academic learning, similar to the required classes, it prepares them for the challenges and demands of their future careers. Therefore, if West Essex offers more career based classes in the 2024 to 2025 school year, it can empower students to make more informed decisions about their future and consider what they would like to do along with gaining a sense of purpose and direct them on a path towards success in their chosen professions.

Behind the Byline
Ava Vigilante, Opinion Editor
Ava Vigilante is a 2023-2024 opinion editor for the Wessex Wire. She enjoys playing soccer, spending time with friends and family, and going to the beach. Her favorite singer is Morgan Wallen.
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