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The friendly face who keeps us all safe: Officer Frank

Sophia Rosen
Officer Frank keeps the students safe at school, through patrolling the hallways the senior parking lot.

We all know Officer Frank Romayo as the senior parking lot traffic director, the smile that greets you every morning and the person responsible for keeping us all safe. 

After working as a mailman, Romayo heard from his friends how exciting working as a police officer could be. He decided to take the test and begin his career in keeping people safe. 

“When you help somebody, whether a grandparent that’s lost or reuniting someone with a kid that you know went missing or even helping them with directions, it makes you feel really good,” Romayo said. 

Throughout the school day, Romayo works to keep students and staff safe. He monitors everyone who comes in and out of the building, helps with routine procedure drills and walks around the hallways attentive to any needs that may come up. 

“At times, it can be very boring, but overall, you have a front row seat to the greatest show,” Romayo said. 

Before coming to West Essex, Romayo worked at the Orange Police Department in the patrol unit and then as a detective in street crimes there. After this position he moved to West Orange where he worked in community service for three years. His experience in working with the Police Department and also with the junior police academy fostered his love of helping students in schools. 

After joining the West Essex community, he has felt a connection to both the students and the staff. This is his first experience as a cop protecting the school, and he has enjoyed every second of connecting with students. 

“From the short time I’ve been here, everybody’s been terrific from the top to the bottom…Everybody’s been very friendly, very honest and upfront,” Romayo said. 

Officer Frank enjoys what he does and looks forward to spending more working days in the West Essex community. He takes pride in ensuring West Essex’s safety. 

Next time you see Officer Frank, whether in the hallways or opening up the door in the morning, make sure to smile and say hi!

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Sophia Rosen, News and Features Editor
Sophia Rosen is a News and Features editor on the 2023-2024 Wessex Wire. In her freetime, she enjoys playing tennis and hanging out with her friends. Fun Fact: Her favorite ice cream flavor is rocky road.  
Francesca Loffredo, Senior Chief News and Features Editor
Francesca Loffredo is a Senior Chief News & Features Editor for the 2022-2023 Wessex Wire. She plays tennis and softball for the West Essex team. Francesca loves hanging out with her friends and family, and spending time at the beach.
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