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SPORTS COMMENTARY: Giants fans grieve lost season

With the Giants’ 2023 season a hot mess, fans look to the future with frustration (and maybe some hope, too). (Staff photo)

As a new NFL season comes back, fans always have high expectations, hoping that with new rookies and a new playbook, the newly improved team is ready to fight for one end goal: the Super Bowl. The NFL season is a special time of year when friends and families come together to root for their favorite teams. Stadiums are filled with echoes of excitement and cheers. However, for the New York Giants, the stadium has quickly gone mute. 

How to describe the Giants’ 2023 season? A mess. The Giants have been notorious for losing over the past 10 years. After going through multiple coaching sets, they still cannot get the system right. They signed Pro Bowl tight end Darren Waller and gave QB Daniel Jones a 160 million dollar contract, but Jones had a season ending injury and Waller had a multiple-week injury. The Giants can not catch a break. 

After having a surprising playoff win in 2022, there were high hopes for the 2023 season. Those hopes were instantly crushed after losing to the Dallas Cowboys on opening night 40-0. What was supposed to be “the new and improved”  Giants turned to “the embarrassing” Giants. 

Big Blue started the season at 2-8, and their playoff chances are slim. The team was a disaster. There were a lot of broken hearts because the Giants are filled with so much potential. Screams were shouted, pillows were thrown and tears were shed over the disturbing start to the football season. 

Behind the scenes, there is chaos. Head coach Brian Daboll and defensive coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale, are speculated to be on bad terms in the locker room. Players have spoken up about their frustrations. Safety Xavier McKinney addressed his concerns about the team’s dynamic. If there are any troubles behind the scenes, it is definitely affecting the players overall performance on the field. 

However, third string rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito, better known as “Tommy Cutlets”, has stepped up to the plate after the injury of both New York quarterbacks. He led the Giants to wins over the Washington Commanders and the New England Patriots. DeVito has been getting hype in this area after admitting to living with his parents at his home in the neighboring town, Cedar Grove. 

With a frustrating season unraveling, and maybe with some hope too, the New York Giants fans look to the future for the 2024 NFL Draft. Should they try to go for a top quarterback? Or is there a chance the Giants could make a completely shocking playoff appearance? Giants should keep trying to salvage the bumps they made this season by playing hard for the next weeks ahead and maybe even have a shot at the playoffs (if they’re lucky).


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Carly Levitt, Apprentice Editor
Carly Levitt is an Apprentice Editor for the Wessex Wire. She enjoys playing tennis, hanging out with friends, and watching the New York Giants. Carly enjoys listening to Taylor Swift and loves spending her summers at camp.
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