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Fans surprised by “Inside Out 2” announcement

Inside Out 2 excites fans by bringing back beloved characters and introducing new ones.
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“Inside Out 2” excites fans by bringing back beloved characters and introducing new ones.

As the “Inside Out 2” movie trailer releases, fans are beginning to get excited. Since the first of the series dropped in 2015, high schoolers have begun to crave the throwback excitement. When the release of the trailer for the second film came out, fans were given a sneak peek into one of the newest emotions, Anxiety. The new gender-neutral character shows the audience that there are more emotions and adventures to come. As the trailer comes to an end, the known emotions pop up on the screen and quickly switch between anxious, embarrassed, ennui(disinterested boredom) and envious. This leads audiences to make predictions for the new characters and their portrayals.. 

The first “Inside Out” movie follows the emotions inside the mind of a young girl, Riley, who struggles to deal with her new hometown, San Francisco. The emotions Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust all work together in order to help Riley deal with her feelings. While the hockey-loving 11 year old is having a difficult time in the big city, Joy does her best to guide Riley throughout these life changing events. 

Many fans are intrigued with the new characters and excited to see a mature spin on an animated film.

“I think it’s a cool idea to include new emotions that are different from just the simple emotions,” sophomore Noah Clements said. “I expect this movie to be more serious and have more real problems then the first one.”

Some students feel the new emotions are a unique way to express current topics like mental health.

“I think that it is cool how they are making a new movie based on current topics amongst American youth,” junior Sam DaSilva said. “Lots of teens go through mental health struggles and the fact that they are recognizing that is definitely nice.”

Students at West Essex are in agreement with how “cool” it is to include non traditional emotions. People all over the world deal with these emotions allowing fans to connect with the movie. 

Although there were many positive reactions to the trailer some viewers have a different take. The impact of these serious topics on young viewers can be concerning. 

“I loved how they gave us a unique emotion included in the trailer,  rather than the ordinary,” junior Ellie Weisberg said. “I think it’s a great way to express a feeling that so many people feel. Although I do think this movie is a bit harsh on a younger audience, I think it is very appropriate for pre teens and teenagers.”

While most students are excited for the movie, it’s safe to say this animated film will deal with more serious issues. Based on the trailer, “Inside Out 2” definitely has another emotional rollercoaster up its sleeve. The familiar lovable characters will explore new emotions in order to dive deeper into the complexities of the human mind.

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