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Britney Spears’ memoir exposes the world to the true woman within

Staff photo by Sophia Nicholls
On October 24, Britney Spears released her long-awaited memoir, “The Woman in Me”.

Touching many women’s hearts across the country, Britney Spears has released her long-awaited memoir, “The Woman In Me.”Now a New York Times best-seller, the book gives readers a VIP look into Spears’ treacherous journey of self discovery and fame. The pop star’s personality and character shines through in this story, showing fans everywhere that she is not the person the media portrays her to be.

The pop icon and global sensation, Spears comes back into the spotlight after spending 13 years in a restrictive conservatorship. In her new memoir, she writes on her experiences as a teen celebrity and her never-ending struggles down the road. Spears tells readers about her fight for ownership of her life back to avoid losing access to her two sons. Her publicized mental health challenges, substance abuse and conservatorship have deeply impacted her over the years, but she nonetheless does everything she can to take care of herself.

Throughout the memoir, Spears makes great emphasis on how tragedy runs in her family, starting by opening up about her grandmother who endured the death of her child. Grief overpowered her, resulting in her grandmother being sent to an asylum and eventually committing suicide.

Even from a young age, Spears struggled with addiction, and found herself facing hardship after hardship.At age 14, Spears was a consistent smoker and consistently got herself into trouble, despite being marketed as innocent by the media.

Later in her career, she started dating well-known singer, Justin Timberlake. In the memoir, she uncovers the tragedies she faced during their relationship. She opens up about Timberlake’s regular cheating and states that he persuaded her into getting an abortion because he was not ready to start a family when she became pregnant.

After the break-up between the two artists, she moved on from smoking and began to abuse Adderall. Later in her life, she explains her suffering from postpartum depression. Spears then pivots to her more public hardships, like her altercation with the paparazzi with an umbrella and the public shaving of her head.

Despite the challenges she faced, Spears remains an influential figure in the music industry and,after reading her memoir, many fans can understand Spears as a victim who faced adversity her whole life, rather than the emotional mess the internet previously demonized her as.

Since its release, the memoir has had over 1 million copies sold, and continues to maintain a presence all over the internet. Whether it’s sending her heartwarming messages about her story, or attacking Timberlake for his past actions against the singer, fans simply can not get enough of Spears story.

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