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Our “Friend” Forever: Matthew Perry dies at 54

Photo obtained from National Archives Catalog
Matthew Perry has been in public eye since his debut on “Friends” in 1994.

Actor Matthew Perry passed away on Oct. 28, but his legacy will live on for decades to come. The former “Friends” star fought an ongoing battle with addiction his entire life. Perry admirably became sober 18 months before his death and was committed to keeping it that way.

During Perry’s time on hit ‘90s sitcom “Friends”, he played the lovable and sarcastic Chandler Bing. Perry reflected on those 10 years as some of his best and worst times. Both the joyful memories made with cast members as well as the desperate struggles with drug abuse are associated with that period of his life. However, despite all of the struggles Perry faced, he always remained dedicated to his role as Chandler, a character that brought joy and laughter to many. 

There has been a steady stream of rumors regarding Perry’s addiction for years, but he candidly shared his own story in his 2022 memoir titled “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing”. He wrote about his 15 different stints at rehab and the upwards of $7 million he spent working to get clean. Perry desperately wanted to clean up his lifestyle, knowing it was the only way he could save himself. The question “Why can’t I get sober?” haunted him, with no clear-cut answer to be found.

While the cause of his death is still unknown, the initial coroner’s report has confirmed that there was no evidence of harmful drugs in his system. In short, Perry stayed sober until the moment he passed away. He should be celebrated for this achievement, as getting clean was the one thing Perry always wanted to accomplish for himself. 

Perry had countless supporters helping him during his battle against addiction and knew he could not have fought alone. He never wanted anyone else to have to face that impossible challenge. On Nov. 3, 2023, a foundation was established in his name, aiming to assist individuals dealing with addiction as he had. Perry always hoped his legacy in this world would be the way in which he helped others. Perry’s dream has come true; the world will always remember him for the kindness he showed others.

Photo credit: “Matthew Perry in support of Awareness on Drug Courts and Reduced Substance Abuse” by Valerie Jarrett


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