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Disney’s ‘Monstober’ brings a lighthearted feel to Halloween

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Disney Channel’s ‘Monster’ allows viewers to see their favorite characters in the halloween spirit.

Monstober, Disney Channel’s featured Halloween program, single handedly raised our generation. From the spooky episodes of beloved shows to the stand-out Halloween movies, here are our top picks for a Monstober throwback!


“Austin and Ally” S2 E1:

In “Costumes & Courage,” Dez, Trish, Austin and Ally, attend renowned producer Jimmy Starr’s Halloween party. As Austin prepares to sing his debut song with Taylor Swift, Dez and Trish cause a major plot twist, one only Ally can untangle. With impressive vocals and the perfect Halloween spirit, this throwback is not to be missed. 


“Jessie” S2 E1:

 In “The Whining,” the show’s Halloween special, the Ross kids hear a story about a haunted nanny on the 13th floor of the building. The kids attempt to conquer their fears, but more shenanigans ensue, convincing them that Jessie and the building are haunted. The lighthearted plot and beloved characters make this a staple. 


“Liv and Maddie” S2 E3:

“Liv and Maddie,” a Disney Channel classic about two twin sisters, adds a haunted sister, Helga, in the episode, “Helgaween-A-Rooney.” She is summoned by a magical amulet and torments the Rooney family in the episode. This special mixes frightening and funny moments to create the perfect Halloween energy. 


“Wizards of Waverly Place” S3 E2:

The “Wizards of Waverly Place,” Disney’s iconic family of wizards, take haunted to new heights. In their 2009 Halloween flavored episode, the Russos are told their haunted house is not scary enough, and an effort, to add that extra “scream” factor, they bring in real ghosts. 


“Good Luck Charlie” S2 E25:

 In this episode of the heartwarming series, a teenager pulls a prank on Charlie while trick or treating, and Teddy wants to get back at him. She teams up with her friend Ivy to get revenge, all while Gabe and Mrs. Dabney manipulate one another. “Scary had a Little Lamb” is a comedic episode with a Halloween-themed twist!


“Girl Meets World” S1 E11:

This episode of “Girl Meets World” includes Auggie retelling the story of him, Riley and Farkle conquering their fears. Riley discovers that spooky-seeming settings are not as frightening as they appear. Auggie is forced to confront the monster under his bed and Farkle must face his greatest fear—high school softball.  


“Shake It Up” S3 E25:

On “Haunt It Up,” an exclusive Halloween episode, Ty challenges Deuce to stay the night in a haunted house after telling him the story of a young boy’s disappearance. Throughout the episode, screens are met with lots of sarcasm and is the perfect way to bring a playful Halloween feel to your TVs.


“K.C. Undercover” S1 E23:

In this episode of “K.C. Undercover,” Ernie and Judy run into “Jessie” stars Emma and Zuri at the “Central Park Spooktacular.” While they are gone, K.C. and Marissa throw a Halloween party to impress K.C’s crush. K.C. loses her spy bracelet and must clean up the house to make it as tidy as it was before the others left. 

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