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Doja Cat sparks controversy with devilish ideas

Nicolette Capalbo
Since the release of “Scarlet,” religious Doja Cat fans are upset with her visuals and mentions of the devil.

Since the Sept. 22 release of Doja Cat’s newest album, “Scarlet,” the Internet has been flooded with opinions and controversy. In both her album visuals and her lyrics, the renowned rapper mentions and seems to praise the devil. This has upset many of her religious fans all over the world and seems to have cost Doja Cat a lot of support.

Her first single, “Paint the Town Red,” extensively talks about satanism and becoming the devil. The lyrics “she the devil” and “I’m a demon lord” are used multiple times throughout the song, alongside a very catchy beat. While some of her fans believe this is simply just the singer showcasing self-expression and attempting to break societal norms, others believe that the artist is embracing evil or becoming a satanist. 

In addition to the single itself, the music video for the song plays into the idea of praising the devil. In the music video, Doja Cat is wearing a pair of horns and a pentagram on her clothing, and she is also seen alongside the Grim Reaper. Doja Cat even goes as far as cosplaying Lucifer later on in the video. 

Throughout the rest of the album, she makes additional references to satanism. The most obvious one being her song “Demons,” where she asks how her “demons look” in the chorus. In the music video for the track, Doja is portrayed as a terrifying demon, climbing on the ceiling and terrorizing others. 

More subtly, in Track 4 of the album, “F**k The Girls (FTG),” the singer mentions the devil numbers 666. She states that she is yelling these numbers, in order to make fun of and scare the people who fear her satanic references. 

Even beyond the music, many believe that some of her past fashion statements and tattoos are also representations of the rapper supporting satanism.This past January, Doja Cat wore an all-red, jewelry-encrusted Schiaparelli outfit during Paris Fashion Week. This look was labeled as possibly demonic and some claimed this was her showing her support to the devil. Similar to this, when the rapper got a tattoo of a possibly demonic mythological monster, fans and viewers assumed it was confirmation of Doja selling her soul to Satan. 

On the other side of the argument, in Track 14 of the collection, “Skull and Bones,” she discusses the idea of having God’s approval. She explicitly states that God blessed her, despite the rumors of satanism. She expresses her respect in this tune as possible religious redemption from the rest of the album. The rapper says that “y’all been pushin’ Satan this and Satan that” even though she truly has religious values.

This could possibly prove to fans that she is in fact not a satanist and is simply using devil metaphors to break social norms. Doja Cat has always been well-known for her controversial and bold statements and actions, but it still remains that some religious fans believe that her mention of satanism has taken it too far.

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Sophia Nicholls, Arts & Culture Editor
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