[Video] Does It Bother You? Struggles of the Senior Parking Lot


Video by Megan Boeckel ’17

Editorial by Grace George ’17

Does it bother you that there are so many struggles associated with driving to school? There’s no doubt that driving to school is the best privilege this school offers, but you cannot deny the real difficulties that come with parking in the senior parking lot.

First of all, every morning is a test of your own will and inner strength. The decision of when to leave your home is probably one of the most difficult choices that a senior has to make. It’s a constant battle between not wanting to run to class in the morning and not wanting to leave the warmth of your own home. Finally you decide it’s time to go and you end up running anyway because even if you get to the parking lot at 7:20 you’re still waiting in the car until 7:30, debating whether or not you’re actually going to go inside.

And then, at the end of the day, there’s the running. I don’t know why half the people who are running at the end of the day run. I only ever run when I either have to be somewhere or I have to make it to a sports practice. Other than that, there is NO reason why anyone should be running at the end of the day. Those who sprint to the parking lot just so they can get home .2 seconds quicker should have their spot revoked.

Once you’re in your car the insanity just intensifies. The line etiquette is just ridiculous. People will only let you in if they’re your best friend, but sometimes even that’s not enough. Most people will just stare straight ahead and pretend that they, conveniently, don’t realize that there’s a whole line of people trying to get out of the parking lot. A lucky few will even get a middle finger or two, as if peeking into the line is a crime. And if you didn’t pull through or back in, getting out of the parking lot can be the fifth dimension of hell. You either have to be the very first person to the lot or wait for the person in the spot adjacent to yours to leave so that you can pull through. Unless you have a spot with a pole. Otherwise, forget it.

Don’t get me wrong; I love driving to school. As someone who took the bus everyday for the past three years of high school, I seriously treasure being able to drive to school in the comfort of my own car. I only wish that it wasn’t so cold in the mornings and people would calm down behind the wheel.