Closed minded nature causes extreme divide


Photo courtesy of Injurymap (CC BY 2.0)

People often do not allow themselves to absorb information from opposing view points.

As a society, we have become more self-conscious than ever before. We have created an environment that praises those who fit in and alienates those who don’t. It means we’ve closed our minds to anything that isn’t deemed acceptable by the viewpoints we constantly see. This harms our generation as we box ourselves so far into an echo chamber of our own opinions that we are unwilling to hear anything else. 

Many people in today’s world are too defensive of their own personal opinions. From bashing others with hateful remarks during heated debates to leading smear campaigns and doxing somebody online, we have become too hateful of others who don’t share our exact viewpoints. 

Diehard political supporters have extreme opinions and are not afraid to share them, but, won’t listen to those who disagree with them. This toxicity between political groups has divided our American society into scrambled puzzle pieces, and because no one is open to listen to opposing opinions, the puzzle stands very little hope of being put together again.  

In the wake of Trump’s indictment, this divide between political parties is once again returning to its peak. The attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, is still fresh in the minds of all Americans. The New York Police Department is prepared for potential threats to the courthouse during Trump’s trial. The fact that there is a scare to begin with is disappointing because radical Trump supporters need to move on. The obsession with one candidate’s power had negatively affected the political landscape of America. Allowing yourself to step away and move on would help create a more positive atmosphere in American society, but radical Republicans continue to pursue this harmful point of view, unwilling to hear the opposite side. 

Many Americans have developed a closed mindset that is prohibiting positive change from happening, both in politics and in our world as a whole. 

“Brain” by Injurymap is licensed under (CC BY 2.0)