“Scream VI” adds a fresh spin to a classic franchise


Photo obtained from IMDB

The sixth addition to the “Scream” series brought back familar faces.

You know the story. The typical foolish blonde falls for the tricks of “Ghostface.” But the newest addition to the Scream series takes a different route, adding an original spin to the classic opening scene. In the first few minutes, the identity of the first Ghostface killer is revealed, showcasing yet again another copycat of the murders in the original 1996 film. 

“Scream VI” was set in Manhattan, a step away from the series usual location of Woodsboro, Calif. The fifth film’s survivors, Sam (Melissa Barrera), Tara (Jenna Ortega), Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown), and Chad (Mason Gooding), are yet again faced by an anonymous killer. As “the final four” fight to survive this new movie, Gale (Courtney Cox), joins them in the final battle. Instead of the usual victim from this franchise, Sidney (Neve Campbell), Sam is the killer’s main target. 

The absence of Sidney was extremely evident throughout this film. Considering her main role in the first five movies, she was definitely a fan-favorite. For the most part, her character made the movies what they are, as she connected most of the movies together. Earlier in the collection, they named Sidney “the Angel of Death,” as the homicides committed throughout the movies always circled back to her. 

Despite the loss of a beloved character, this film exceeded many fans’ expectations. This comedy-horror movie was filled with action-packed murder scenes as well as true character development, letting the viewers grow an attachment to these characters. While there were not a mass amount of main character murders in this flick, the near-death parts had fans on the edge of their seats. 

Above all, the plot twist at the end of the movie boosted this film’s high ratings. The killer’s reveal was something viewers certainly did not expect, leaving them with more and more questions about the previous events in the flick. 

Even though the sixth film in this franchise may have not been the best, it certainly surpassed other sequels to past beloved movies. With the anticipated return of beloved characters from the fifth film and slashing scenes like never before, “Scream VI” was definitely worth the watch for horror fanatics.