Ganton lay-ups his way to 1,000 points


Photo courtesy of Stephen Miller

Senior Joe Ganton marked his 1,000 high school career point in basketball on Jan. 31.

Senior captain Joe Ganton became the 14th boys basketball player in West Essex history to reach 1,000 points during a home game victory against Orange High School on Jan. 31. The Wire sat down with the Fairfield University commit, who talked about the monumental achievement, the buildup that led to this accomplishment and his hopes for the future.

Congrats on your 1,000 point victory! Walk us through the actual play that led to the big moment. 

I was actually in the post for this play – which normally I’m not posting up – and Logan Morrello passed it to me. I did a quick spin on the baseline and reversed it for the layup.

Describe the feeling when you hit that shot. What was the first thought that went through your mind?

It was amazing. It was kind of the first moment where I felt like all my hard work paid off in my high school career. It was just really awesome to see all the people that were there. Everyone stood up and clapped for me, and it felt great. I hugged each and every one of my teammates and my coaches. It was awesome.

What did your teammates and coach say about the big moment?

They were all really proud of me. My coaches made me know that I really deserved it for the hard work I put into practice every day.

It’s taught me that each and every day of practice is worth it and that hard work, like I said, really does pay off.

How long have you been playing basketball, and who or what do you think helped you most to get this far?

I’ve been playing since I was about 4, not organized basketball, but dribbling. I started playing organized basketball in second grade. I’d say the biggest influence is definitely my family. My dad played basketball and he got me into it. He’s always been my biggest supporter, along with my mom and my three brothers. They try to come to every game. On top of that, the work ethic I would say is the most important thing to have, which my family taught me: playing every day, lifting, training [and] trying to get better.

How does scoring 1,000 points compare to past accomplishments you’ve had?

It’s probably the biggest personal accomplishment I’ve had so far in my career, but I’m hoping to get more team accomplishments in the near future. We’re looking to win the division, which our chances are kind of slim, but we have a shot. To make states is also a goal of ours.

What has this accomplishment taught you?

It’s taught me that each and every day of practice is worth it and that hard work, like I said, really does pay off. I’m trying to continue that momentum and keep motivating myself to work hard.

What are your next goals after reaching this achievement? Since you’re playing in college, what do you want to do before graduating high school?

Our biggest goal is to win the division. In 62 years, we have no banners — we’re the only team to not have one. The whole team is really buying in trying to win that and if that doesn’t happen, we have states. Trying to win the section, trying to win at all is a big goal, but it’s gonna be tough.