5 underground artists that deserve a spot on your playlists


Photos obtained from Apple Music

Underground artists Joe P, Leanna Firestone, Hollow Coves, JOBY! and Ovrkast. all deserve to make their way to the top.

It’s simple to stick to the same-old records and billboard names in the music industry. But some of the best, most unique artists are hard to find and fail to be recognized. Although social media platforms have made it easy for new artists to get their music out to larger audiences, attention tends to die out and some may never end up on your “For You” or “Explore” pages. Here is a list of five artists with music in varying genres who deserves to be added to your playlists. 

Joe P   

New Jersey native Joe P kicked off his solo music career in his basement and soon grew in popularity on TikTok. With an alternative rock vibe, he is the embodiment of the indie music revival. Intertwining strong vocals, clean electric guitar and drum sounds, “French Blonde” might just be the album of this coming summer. It feels like the perfect track to blast in your car with all the windows down. 


Leanna firestone   

After blowing up on TikTok in 2020 with the unfinished version of her song “Least Favorite Only Child,” Leanna Firestone has continued to release heart-wrenching music with themes of self-loathing and loneliness. Some of her most sob-provoking singles have upbeat or more neutral rhythms, creating a unique sound that feels awkward yet comforting at the same time. This dark humor makes Firestone’s music the perfect addition to any sad playlist.  


Hollow Coves 

Music by Australian band Hollow Coves is a must-listen for any Lumineers fan. The duo, Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins, maintain a simple, folksy sound by sticking to acoustic guitar and soulful vocals that will sure to draw in any “Ophelia” lover. Although the band drew in attention after the release of their EP “Wanderlust” in 2016, receiving most traction on its opening track “Coastline,” their talent has been way overlooked recently, and the public seems to have forgotten about the talented duo. It is the perfect time to start listening as they have announced that they are working on new music on their Instagram @hollowcoves.  



Artist JOBY! is definitely the most underground on this list and may also be the most underappreciated. The Hawaiian artist has a distinctive sound that doesn’t seem to fall under a single genre. It has hints of reggae, pop and indie while also blending many different instruments seamlessly. This indescribable uniqueness is best showcased in his single “finding my way” -you’ll just have to listen to understand.  



Hip-hop artist Ovrkast. is a poetic lyricist, and his music can be placed in, but not restrained to, a jazzy alternative rap category. He represents a new wave of artists that show a transition in hip-hop from melodic rap, better known as mumble rap, of the 2010s to a more clear sound. Ovrkast. is unlike artists we have heard from before. The lyrics of some of his songs feel similar to those of Kid Cudi and yet the backing tracks of songs like “Face” feel like they could be featured in Kanye’s “Graduation.” Ovrkast’s take on a new wave in the industry is sure to bring in listeners in and outside of the hip-hop fan base.