Messi kisses the gold trophy, placing him above the rest

FIFA via Getty Images

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The final game of the 2022 World Cup left no passionate soccer fan disappointed. With 90 thrilling minutes of regulation play, 30 more nerve wracking minutes in additional time and the final domination of Argentina in the penalty kick shoot, the game was one for the history books. But the most memorable part was watching one of the greatest soccer players in the world fall to his knees in glory.

On Dec. 18, 2022, after knocking two goals to the back of the French net, Lioel Messi’s incredible career has checked all of the boxes. The captain of the Argentinian National team led his teammates through the vigorous tournament run, defeating Australia, Netherlands, Croatia and France along the way. The 35-year-old had said this would be his last World Cup, his last chance to bring home the trophy and his last chance to triumph is his country’s pride and glory. He did just that.
It seemed as if a genuine, raw passion had followed Messi and Argentina throughout their journey in Qatar. People around the world were desperate to see the legend accomplish the last item on his to-do list: win a World Cup. He captured the true definition of a brilliant soccer player who had fallen short too many times from placing the Worlds most valued soccer trophy on his shelf. Its spot had been saved since the first time Messi had put on the sky blue and white striped Argentina uniform in 2005.
Although Messi was beyond successful with his club team in Barcelona, he has constantly been compared to the great Diego Maradona, who was synonymous with his effort and passion on the field and most of all, leading Argentina to victory in the 1986 World Cup. For most of his international career, Maradona’s shadow casted over Messi in the eyes of Argentinians. Winning the Golden Ball would not confirm to the world that Lionel Messi is one of the greatest to play the game or prove his extensive I.Q. of the sport, but it would emerge him from beneath the shadows of Maradona.

It’s hard not to love a player like Leo Messi. His poise within pressure filled situations and his ability to rise when it’s needed most is the reason every Argentinian no. 10 jerseys are sold out. Although this moment in his career lifted enormous weight off of his shoulders, every single fan sitting in the stands or on their couches knew Messi wasn’t playing to secure himself as the greatest of all time; he was playing to bring back glory to all of Argentina.

Messi delivered what was arguably the best world cup final of all time. The 3-3 thriller that was settled 4-2 in penalties was centered around the superstar. Through two regulation goals, and the momentum enhancing first score for Argentina in the shootout, Messi provided the performance fans couldn’t take their eyes off of. Triumphing in international glory, Messi is on top of the soccer world.

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