Love, lies and royalty – the truth beyond the crowns

Since Charles’ affair and Diana’s death, the new Queen consort has received massive hatred. But, the truth behind their love story might change the public perception.


Photo courtesy of Andy Gott (CC BY 2.0)

Charles and Camilla visit Hackney City farm together in 2009.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Sept. 8, 2022, her son Charles III and his wife Camilla became the new King and Queen consort of the United Kingdom. But the public has not forgotten the pair’s story, and how the controversy shook the world and almost led to the collapse of the royal family. 

Since Princess Diana’s introduction to the public eye as Charles’ fiance, she was beloved. Her media presence, fashion and overall personality seized the hearts of not only UK citizens, but people around the world. She received the nickname “Shy Di” and her popularity only increased throughout her marriage to  Charles. One event that she was especially praised for was when she shook hands with a man suffering from HIV, a large step in breaking the stigma of the virus.

So, when Charles’ affair with Camilla was exposed and Diana’s death followed, the royal family hit a breaking point. . Camilla became one of the most hated women in the UK, and much of the blame was directly targeted toward her rather than Charles. Diana’s nature made it easy for the public to turn a blind eye to the true story of Charles and Camilla’s relationship.  

Charles and Diana’s marriage was never a story of true love. The two were married out of circumstance and advantage. In order to maintain his title, Charles was unable to marry Camilla, whom he showed adoration for since he was young, long before Diana was even in the picture. She did not have the “stature” needed to be a royal, and the future queen consort, so he chose Diana. 

 There is no doubt that Charles completely betrayed Princess Diana and that his affair was the ultimate break of his vows. But Camilla and Charles’ love story was a forbidden love trope: a hallmark movie. People around the world cherish similar stories all of the time, rooting for this happily ever after no matter what it takes to get there. 

 Diana was a fashion icon and beauty who wasn’t afraid to make public statements. Camilla hid in the shadows and was criticized for her looks. If the roles were reversed and Diana was the mistress, the public would have long been praying on Camilla’s downfall in order to root for true love. Instead of focusing on the root of the issue, the man who committed adultery, and the history of the crown that forced him to marry a woman he did not love. 

Photo credit: “Prince Charles & Camilla” by Andy Gott is licensed under (CC BY 2.0).