Russia forces countries to respond to attacks

The war between Russia and Ukraine heightens as Russia launches a more offensive attack and other countries start to take action. In early April, President Joe Biden said that Russia could face more U.S. sanctions, and Russian President Vladimir Putin could face a series of trials for war crimes. The U.S. also announced its plan to accept up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. This was after a series of mass killings in Bucha, a town just outside the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

As Russian troops began to withdraw from Kyiv, a NATO official said it was an alleged chance for Russia to regroup. In actuality, it was a massive devastation for Ukraine. The Washington Post confirmed the attack with videos of several Ukrainian dead bodies in the streets and discoveries of over 400 other casualties, in addition to rape allegations.

 In France, 35 Russian diplomats were fired as a result of the atrocities committed in Bucha. According to a French statesmen, they were accused of acting against French security policies. Similarly, in Germany, 40 Russian Embassy members were expelled due to suspected connections with Russian spy agencies linked to the Bucha attack. 

With conflict advancing between Ukraine and Russia, other countries are forced to take a stance against Russia’s war crimes. While some countries have the instinct to step in and help, others are maintaining their distance. It’s expected that more countries will soon issue sanctions against Russia, and the U.S. will continue to work to help Ukraine.