Styles’ new album will not be the same ‘As It Was’


Album art

Harry Styles fans are excited to hear his new album once it is released on May 20.

For the first time since 2019, Harry Styles fans opened Instagram and Twitter to see a shocking announcement from their favorite artist. Styles, a world renowned musical sensation, revealed he’s releasing his third album, “Harry’s House.”

On March 23, Styles announced via a 40 second trailer on Instagram and Youtube that “Harry’s House” would be released on May 20. The official album cover also surfaced on Instagram and Twitter, and Styles released the single “As It Was” on April 1, shortly after the album announcement took over social media platforms.

Fans through the halls of West Essex expressed their excitement for this news.

“I was completely stunned!” sophomore Olivia Manos said. “I’m excited because it’s been so long since the last release and I think it’s the beginning of a great new era for Harry.”

Styles’ second album, “Fine Line,” was released on Dec. 13, 2019. After years of radio silence in terms of brand-new music, Styles is finally putting out a single.

“It’s been over two years since Harry has last released music, and I can’t wait to hear his voice in a new way,” freshman Melilah Sanchez said.

With a new chapter of Styles’ career beginning, fans wonder if this album will stay consistent with the genre of music expressed in Styles’ first two albums, or if Styles will be testing out a brand new type of music. Regardless of whether the album ventures into rock, remains loyal to his usual upbeat pop or creates an entirely new type of music, fans are excited to see what is in store for “Harry’s House.”

“I think the album will have a bit of an edge to it,” sophomore Mia D’Amore said. “It might also have a slight alternative style.”

Although fans are uncertain as to the genre of the whole album, “As It Was” seems to fall under the pop category, with a slight 80s influence. The single is upbeat and fun, with vocals and instrumentals which compel listeners to get up and dance.

“Overall, the single is undoubtedly a perfect contender for a summer hit,” junior Chloe Bonaguide said. “I can already see the songs hitting the tops of charts and playing in the car on a road trip with your closest friends.”

“As It Was” is just the beginning of a new level of success for Styles, having topped the iTunes charts only hours after its release. Although the details of “Harry’s House” remain a mystery, the album is likely to be a major step in Styles’ career.