OPINION: Lululemon quality does not ‘align’ with price


Staff Photo by Charley Rich

For a product that doesn’t last, Lululemon charges too much.

Spending hundreds of dollars at Lululemon is not a difficult task. It seems as though everyone walks around wearing their leggings. Everyday, I see countless students walking around in these $98 leggings, sometimes accompanied by a matching Lululemon top or sweatshirt which can be upwards of $120. If the clothes were truly good quality, I would not have the same qualms I do in terms of pricing. While the leggings are very comfortable and soft, they are not built to last. 

I bought my first pair of Lululemon Align leggings sophomore year. I must admit, I was amazed by the buttery softness of the fabric and the way they fit. The first day I wore them, I was obsessed. After just a few more wears though, I noticed that the inner-thigh area was filled with beads of fabric, a phenomenon known as pilling. I spiraled into a frenzy. What had I done? It had to be my fault; leggings with as much of a reputation as Lululemons don’t just become gross like this. After some extensive research, I discovered that pilling happens from wearing, moving around in and washing the leggings. So, what does that leave me to do with these pants? Just look at them? Maybe touch them every now and then to be reminded of how soft they are? Absurd. 

While Lululemon does have a policy where you can bring in damaged leggings and get a new pair for free, a pair of leggings for one hundred dollars should be virtually indestructible.