Battle of the streaming services: Netflix vs. HBO


Photo Courtesy of Molly Simon

Students at West Essex debate whether to spend money watching Netflix or HBO max.

Ever since the rise of TV streaming platforms, there has been a growing debate about whether Netflix is really worth the hype anymore or if HBO Max is the superior platform. Netflix has been removing fan favorite shows and movies off of their network for the past two years, which has irritated users. HBO Max, on the other hand, has added these shows and movies to their site, satisfying their users. 

Popular shows that have been removed from Netflix include “Ozark,” “Lucifer,” “the Society,” “Gossip Girl” and “Pretty Little Liars.” However, HBO Max has added both “Gossip Girl” and “Pretty Little Liars” to their site, which grows the debate further about whether Netflix is really worth the cost anymore. 

Students at West Essex are especially upset about the removal of all these shows because of the fee they pay every month for Netflix access.

“HBO Max is definitely doing it right by picking up all of the shows Netflix drops,” senior Lauren Bohrer said. “It’s a smart move that attracts a new audience and draws attention to their service.”

HBO Max also airs the show “Euphoria,” which has become a worldwide phenomenon in the past three months. Having this show available on the platform and not on Netflix is another reason why HBO can be seen as the greater streaming service. 

“I like HBO Max better than Netflix because it has a better variety of shows,” senior Rob Lasher said. “Netflix hasn’t added any good shows in a while.”

However, some students are not too upset by the removal of some shows on Netflix, because they still have many popular ones.

“HBO may have the better movies, but Netflix has the better TV shows,” junior Leonardo Palescandolo said. 

Due to the high  demand for other streaming services, the monthly fee for Netflix is going to rise as well. At the moment, the premium price for Netflix is $19.99 per month and the HBO Max subscription price per month is $15. HBO Max, compared to regular  HBO, gives users even more access to every show and is still cheaper than the premium price for Netflix. 

At the end of the day, both streaming platforms offer totally different options. When it comes to the amount of variety and availability to watch fan favorite shows, HBO Max is in the lead. However, viewers choose their personal streaming platforms based on their likes and dislikes of each streaming service.