“The Dropout” convinces viewers to expect the unexpected

The Dropout is a must-watch docuseries that began streaming on Hulu as of March 3.

Photo obtained from IMDb.

“The Dropout” is a must-watch docuseries that began streaming on Hulu as of March 3.

She was courageous. She was a visionary. She was unstoppable–until she wasn’t. Biotechnology innovator-turned-con artist Elizabeth Holmes has left a disturbing trail of empty promises behind her. Her so-called revolutionary blood testing company, Theranos, was on track to becoming the medical development of the century. However, after years of aggregating billions of dollars and deceiving medical professionals and media outlets alike, Holmes was finally caught in her act, being convicted of four out of eleven counts of fraud. 

The new Hulu docuseries, “The Dropout” puts together the pieces of Holmes’ captivating story with an inside look into the moments that sparked her inspiration, and eventually led to her downfall. “Mean Girls” and “Mama Mia” star Amanda Seyfried portrays the charismatic and persuasive Holmes who dropped out of the prestigious Stanford University in order to transform her dreams of inventing a life-changing product into reality. 

The series accomplished the impressive feat of steering clear of pronouncing Holmes the villain, and curating her as an almost likable character. The show incorporates the intriguing storylines of the individuals whose paths Holmes has crossed throughout her lifetime, and how they influenced her concerning patterns of unethical decisions that dictated her career. 

“The Dropout” fills in the gaps of the unanswered questions regarding Holmes’ conviction. After six years of untruthful media interviews and absolutely zero medical progress made, it can be presumably unbelievable how she managed to have government officials and famous investors at her fingertips. The eight episode chronicle remarkably depicts the story of Holmes’ journey, and leaves the audience in awe of her career all the way from its success to its inevitable demise.