Q&A with hockey captain Rocco Garcia

  1. How do you think you guys will be this season?

I think that we will be really good this season. This is one of the most skilled West Essex teams we’ve had in almost a decade. The amount of depth we have this year could lead us to a cup championship and possibly a state championship

2. What are your goals for the season?

My goals for the season are less about points and more about building team chemistry. I want all the players to build strong relationships on and off the ice. It’s more about just winning games at this point

3. Are their upcoming freshman or underclassman that you think will help out this year?

We have a big freshman class this year with many of them who have made the practice squad for varsity and could be game changers in a close game situation. Players like Connor Maniscalco, Pat Devany, Jameson Oswald, and Sam Ohern have really great skill.

4. How much do you think the seniors from last year leaving will affect the team?

Last year we had a great winning season with only 3 seniors on the team. We were a heavy junior class team with great skill so while every team had multiple top scorers and captains leave, we only lost 3. We also gained back players like Nick Trabb who was not playing last year and came back for senior year who will be a big contributor on the ice.

5. Are you excited for your last year playing West Essex hockey, how are you hoping to help out the team this year?

I am so excited for this season looking forward to winning games with the team. It’s bittersweet that it’s my last season playing high school hockey but it’ll be a memorable one. I can’t wait to spend it with some of my best friends since the age of 7 such as my co captain Gil Prial. This season should be one for the record books hopefully getting our hands on a state championship.