Icy roads cause hostility towards administrators


Staff Photo by Roxanne Boychuk

Icy roads cause a hazardous drive to school that should be avoided.

A similar story seems to be circulating around the school: “I was driving and lost control of the wheel,” or “I saw an accident happen and it took an hour to get to school.” With black ice on the roads on the morning of Wed., Jan. 5, it was nearly impossible to see the ice on the roads and led to many dangerous circumstances. 

Many parents and students were furious with administration that day, rightfully so. So many teachers came in late causing multiple students to have to sit in the auditorium. Many students also showed up late, leaving half the senior parking lot empty in the morning. There are many inexperienced senior drivers coming to school and getting into scary situations on the road, causing unnecessary stress that could have been avoided. There were also reported accidents on Passaic Ave., which is a main route taken to school for many people.  

Thankfully the school did give students a snow day on Fri., Jan. 7, leaving students and parents feeling a little more safe and satisfied than after a treacherous Wednesday morning.