Boys Soccer spotlight: Q&A with V.J. Demirdjian


Photo courtesy V.J. Demirdjian

Varsity Midfielder V.J. Demirdjian talks about the West Essex season.

Varsity boys soccer, led by Coach Rob Grosso, ended their season with a 8-6-1 record on Oct. 30. It was an impressive year for the Knights, who rode a five-game win streak to start out hot at the beginning of the season. Sophomore midfielder VJ Demirdjian sheds some light on his season. 

What’s been the most memorable moment from this season?

The most memorable part of the season was probably our game versus Columbia to go 5-0 in an upset win. The team was at our peak play and everyone felt great and was having fun.

What has your team accomplished that you’re proud of? 

Our team has accomplished placing second in our division, which means that we will move up to the top division for the next season.

What were your goals for the end of the season? 

My goal for the rest of the season was to end it off on a good note.

How do you feel you could improve going into next season?

I feel that for next season I could step up as more of a leader since I will have the experience and knowledge to help the team.