Details emerge about unsafe working conditions on set of fatal Alec Baldwin film

Walking onto the set of his low-budget indie film, “Rust,” on Oct. 21, renowned actor Alec Baldwin was under the impression that he was arriving for a normal day at work. However, tragedy struck, and unknown bullets in a prop gun fired, killing cinematographer Halya Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza. 

Various questions have been raised since the fatal event, but the main concerns reside in how and why the unknowingly dangerous weapon was placed in Baldwin’s hands in the first place. In the days leading up to the shooting, several crew members resigned from their roles in the film due to unsafe working conditions. 

Feelings of shock and confusion have been floating around those involved as to how the supposed prop gun even had the ability to discharge. Dave Halls, the assistant director of the film, recently admitted that his inspection could have been more thorough before he declared the gun “cold.” However, suspicions have arisen regarding Halls’ credibility due to his reputation of failing to meet sufficient safety standards.

Baldwin has released social media posts expressing his heartache towards the situation. He sent messages of attempted support to Hutchins’ grieving family who is trying to make sense of the situation. 

As time goes on and more gaps in the story are filled, the world is continuing to investigate and glue back together the missing pieces of this mysterious tragedy.