Girls Volleyball Mid-Season Round Up


The girls Volleyball Knights have served up a record of 11-9 as they enter their state tournament winning the first round on October 28 2021. The seniors this year are Tali Offir , Kyla Shamosh, Mary Sanok, and Anjulie Shresth. These four experienced varsity returners motivate the underclassman and lead by example of how their play should look like. “The season had a slow start but we then found our groove came together as a team,” Senior captain Kyla Shamosh said. The girls have won some crucial games as their season continued such as the well known  rivals, Caldwell and difficult teams like Millburn and Newark Academy which came down to the wire. Coming off such uneasy times in the spring from Covid these girls know how important it is to treasure each moment on the court. “Each girl is appreciating each, practice, game and time we get to spend together,” said Shamosh. 

To their advantage, the Varsity team is a replica from last year with only a few new faces. To help the girls improve from last year and build up the connection between them, Bryan McNaught and Tim Walsh have stepped in this year to coach. They girls will play in the second round of the state tournament on Monday November 11 2021.