RYSZLER REPORT: Border crisis is getting out of hand


Sgt. James K. McCann

The border wall that was constructed under the Trump administration, has since been halted with President Biden taking office. Courtesy of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CC BY 2.0)

Remember when the media claimed former President Trump was putting “kids in cages” and slammed his administration’s approach on immigration. It turns out that ever since President Biden took office, there has been a crisis on our Southern border with migrants, including children, coming in at record numbers and his administration has done a terrible job. 

One of President Biden’s main priorities throughout his campaign was to soften the tone on immigration the border after Trump’s term which saw the construction of the border wall and a tougher stance on immigration. Biden is keeping his campaign promise as according to CBS News, Biden signed executive actions intended to replace Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers, to keep them in Mexico until their hearing. In addition, according to ABC News, Biden also signed an executive order to do away with the Public Charge order, used by the Trump administration to curb legal immigration of low income residents. 

Biden’s executive actions represent a huge change in immigration policy and this change is significantly increasing the amount of migration to our Southern border. In fact, according to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the US is “on pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years.” While it’s not only his executive actions that are increasing this mass migration, his administration’s tone on immigration is creating the sentiment that you can illegally enter America. In fact, when ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz went to the Southern border, an illegal immigrant told her “Definitely not”, when she asked if he would do this if Trump was president. When she reaffirmed and asked him if he came because Biden was elected he said “Basically, basically.”

When former President Trump started his historic campaign, he tapped on an issue that energized the Republican base for years: immigration. Trump’s tough, America First rhetoric on immigration catapulted him to the nomination and eventually the presidency. According to a 2017 article from the Washington Examiner, when the border wall was constructed in Yuma, Arizona, illegal crossings saw a 94 percent decrease. In our America now, the Biden Administration has halted the construction of the border wall which gave us a solution to the extreme amount of illegal crossings every year. America is facing a crisis as we speak and it does not help that a select amount of immigrants crossing the border right now are carrying COVID-19. 

This message that is being sent out by the Biden administration is an “America last” ideology. Mass immigration, especially illegal, is definitely not what America needs right now. Too many American workers are being left behind by corporations who outsource American jobs to Thailand and where they’re paying folks 15 cents an hour to make our shirts. Corporations who supported our workers made America great half a century ago, and that must return. However, under globalist President Biden and his immigration messaging, the prospects for that are pretty doomed. 

On March 22, a few pictures and videos of migrants at the southern border showed them crowded in cellophane bordered, pod-style rooms with shiny and uncomfortable looking blankets. While Biden claims that Trump did a poor job of handling immigration by putting “kids in cages”, the crowded cellophane “cages” don’t really seem like a greater alternative. We’re not joking here. If you were to see these pictures (which you can they are all over the internet) the first thought that may come to your mind is “Are they wrapped in tin foil?” because it sure looks like it. 

So what are President Biden and Vice President Harris going to do about it? The answer is we don’t know. When asked if she would go to the border, V.P. Harris answered (and awkwardly cackled) “Not today. Hahahaha. But I’m sure I will again.” President Biden similarly answered he would visit “at some point.” What’s holding him up? According to ABC News, he said that he didn’t want to create a scene with all of the Secret Service agents that would need to be present. What Biden is forgetting is that everywhere he goes the Secret Service needs to be present and create a scene. The American people see through that lie. 

Additionally, ABC News reported that over a dozen Republican senators went to the Southern border to send a message: send the migrants back. In fact, Senator James Lankford shared a video on Twitter on March 26 of him at the southern border in McAllen, Texas. He showed a large group of illegal immigrants who had recently checked in and will be released into the country. This is happening all around the border and it puts the health of U.S. citizens at risk with the pandemic because these immigrants are being released without proper quarantine or testing protocol. We can only wait and see what will happen at the southern border in the coming weeks and months but as of now, it is complete and utter chaos.