Giants fans ecstatic over Kenny Golladay signing


All-Pro Reels

Kenny Golladay stays wearing blue and white, but now he represents New York. Golladay is headed to the Giants.

On Saturday, March 20, 2021, it was announced that Detroit Lions wide receiver Kenny Golladay came to an agreement with the New York Giants on a four year $72 million contract with a $40 million guarantee. This signing is huge for the Giants’ offense because their quarterback, Daniel Jones, finally has the star wide receiver he has been in need of. 

Golladay’s prior success on the Detroit Lions instills tremendous confidence in both the Giants organization and fans that he will build on that success in New York. Golladay was the Lions’ top receiving option for three consecutive seasons due to his reliability in making both the easy and hard catches down the field. 

West Essex students are excited to finally have a receiver that can support Jones. It’s a piece of the puzzle the Giants have been missing for so long, and fans are relieved to see they don’t have to watch another season without great offensive talent. 

“He’s a great number one receiver and will help Daniel Jones immensely,” junior Rocco Garcia said. 

The Giants organization has been in need of a steady WR who they can count on to make the big plays. Both the management and the fans believe Golladay is the solution to this problem and look forward to watching him play for New York the next four seasons.