A Snowy Winter

By Carly Feuerstein, Writer

On Feb. 3, 2021, a snow storm broke New Jerseys record. Mount Arlington, in the northern part of the state, got 35.5 inches of snow in the storm, which lasted about three days.  This winter storm broke a 122-year-old record for the most snow in a New Jersey community from one storm. Although, it could take months to confirm the total and the new record.

They called a state of emergency before the snow started because they knew this was gonna be a very bad storm. Plow trucks worked for two days straight and the snow was very heavy making more difficult to shovel. Last year New Jersey didn’t get a lot of snow, so this year seems to be making up for it. 

Around communities, snowman making and sleigh riding was going on for two days straight. Everyone was taking advantage of not having school and it a fun snow day. Although climbing through the snow was a challenge, many people enjoyed doing  it.

 Restaurants were closed for the first time since COVID-19. People felt like they were in quarantine again because it was scary to go out. Some roads turned into sheets of ice and others were piled with snow. 

Hopefully, if we get snow again it will not be as bad. Sadly the snowmans have melted but I hope to see it again soon. This winter has definitely been a very snowy one and this storm was definitely a crazy start to 2021!