OPINION: Some good stuff can distract you

By Charley Rich, Lead Opinion Editor

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons


In a world with a raging global pandemic, violence, social injustice, murder hornets and so much more it may seem hard to find any happiness and just pure, good things to focus on. So, here’s a list of some things that make this seemingly terrible world seem way less terrible.



Hoverboards- Remember these things from like sixth grade? They’re so much fun. If you still have yours I definitely suggest you bust it out of the closet and take a joyride.

Dogs- The existence of dogs almost makes up for all the terror out there. Dogs are seriously the best. Go take one for a walk or just give one a hug. I’m sure you need it.

@cocoisaverycoolduck on tik tok- There is a duck who has a tik tok account. Read that again. This duck uses tik tok and it is the best. Coco’s sassiness almost makes you forget about the real world. We should all be like Coco.

Pizza- I don’t think I need to explain this one. Pizza is good.

Mac and Cheese- The ultimate comfort food. I recommend you add a touch of garlic powder and some ground cayenne pepper to yours for a little extra flavor.

Reality TV– The fact that the people on a lot of these reality TV shows like “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” and “The Bachelor” seem like they don’t know about anything going on in the world almost makes you forget about it too. This is the epitome of escapism.

Those star light things- These are actually so cool. They project a galaxy onto your ceiling and it creates such a chill ambiance. The best part is you can change the colors from an app on your phone. Highly recommended.

Naps- These are dope! Especially during online classes. (haha just kidding if a teacher is reading this.) Sometimes naps are necessary but other times, you could just want them.

This article- Wow, so meta, but isn’t it true? For the few minutes you sat down to read this article, you probably weren’t stressing over all the problems of the world.