Most Likely to Succeed…The 2020-2021 Yearbook


Photo Courtesy of Valerie Romano

Advisors Ms. Romano and Mr. Miller smiling with the Yearbook Club staff on Zoom.

By Rebecca Desiderio, Features Editor

The Milestone Yearbook of West Essex captures the timeless memories that students can reflect on, as years pass. This time capsule is an essential piece that brings the community together through the tough times this year has brought. 

Unlike previous years, the Milestone Yearbook of 2020-2021 is going through an online production process. Despite the sudden change, the yearbook club has adapted towards this transition smoothly. Senior Editor in Chief Alexandra Lowenthal explained that although this year is different, they are still striving for success. 

“Everyone is adapting really well regarding the standards we have to work around,”  Lowenthal said. “Our meetings are always very productive and filled with many questions from other club members on how they can do the most to make the yearbook successful.”

Along with production changes, former advisor Ms. Marjorie Jameson’s position has been passed down to art teachers Ms. Valerie Romano and Mr. Stephen Miller. Romano discusses how the layout involves an outlook of our year on every page.  

“This year we are integrating the look of society into a book,” Romano said. “We have decided this year to integrate that into the layout of our book. You are going to be able to open a page and really remember what the year was just by opening any page.” 

 The Yearbook Club is going to include the community in this year’s yearbook as well. They have sent various email requests for pictures of our facility, families and students from throughout the year. They hope to capture the faces behind the masks. Co-advisor Romano explained that despite the challenges our community has faced this special touch will bring normality to the yearbook. 

“Getting involvement from the community, whether it’s students, staff, the administration and even parents, has definitely allowed us to incorporate a lot more than we would normally be able to,” Romano said. “It is promoting spirit in the community and not just in the school.” 

From here, it is important that our community continues to stay involved with the production of the 2020-2021 Milestone Yearbook. The advisors and staff members of the Yearbook Club have sent out emails that have forms included where your pictures can be attached. @TheWessexWire on Instagram has more details on what people can do to help.