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Alyssa Letsch, Guidance Counselor

An open door in the guidance office

If you’re ever having a bad day, look no further than Alyssa Letsch’s office. Between her bubbly personality and inviting character, her career as a guidance counselor seems to fit her like a glove. After leaving her job as a behavior specialist at the YMCA to cover for Samantha Stacy, a guidance counselor, she fell in love with counseling the high school students here at West Essex. 

“The students, faculty, administration … I know it’s probably cliche to say that I love everything about West Essex but it is absolutely true,” Letsch said. “I’m excited to be here.”

Although Letsch loves helping eighth graders pick their freshman year schedules and assisting juniors with the college admission process, she says her favorite part of working with high school students is seeing their growth throughout the years. She created an open door policy which she hopes will allow her to form close relationships and develop trust with her students. Especially during the pandemic, when student stress levels are through the roof, Letsch aims to offer a safe space for kids to vent their frustrations and anxieties.

 “I love when students pop by just to say hello, even if it’s just to check in,” Letsch said. 

Letsch’s coworkers agree that she is always welcoming students to her room to talk. Guidance counselor Riley Gallagher described Letsch as “super positive, high energy, and friendly.” She also said that Letsch is very determined to get to the root of her students’ problems. 

“[Her students] really seem to connect with her,” Gallagher said. “She’s always got somebody in her office.” 

Outside of school, Letsch is adventurous and active. She enjoys baking and outdoor activities, such as hiking, walking, kayaking and traveling. But one of her interests is rather niche. 

“I feel like I am an expert cornhole player.” Letsch said. On weekends, she carries around a cornhole set with her and makes it a point to play whenever she can. She admits that she may be exaggerating her skill a bit, but cornhole is her greatest passion, if not her greatest talent.

“If you asked anyone else,” she said, “they’d probably say that I was, like, average.” 


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