Jola Coffee

Owner, Jodi Fundler, standing in front of Jola Coffee. (Photo courtesy of Jodi Fundler)

Jola Coffee
15 Bloomfield Ave., North Caldwell, NJ 07006
(973) 403-0403

Jola Coffee, founded by the Fundler family, is a cafe located in Caldwell, NJ. At Jola you can find a variety of coffee and baked goods. Being open for three years now, the Jola staff has made all of their customers feel just like family. Mrs. Fundler, also known as Jodi, has a background in hospitality and makes it a priority to remember everyone’s name as well as their coffee order. Having a partnership with Counter Culture Coffee has helped Jola serve the best and most delicious products for their customers. A fan favorite is definitely The Hex, which is named after their store logo. Young adults are also always leaning towards Jola’s vanilla iced coffee with oat milk. By stopping by this coffee shop, you are showing your support to the Fundlers while also receiving amazing service and coffee. 


What are some of the ways people could best support your business right now? We started with this new online order and so what helps us save money is prior to all of this we had a shorter stack of gift cards that regular customers would have. Having these helps us not pay the fees. We don’t pay the fees again and again and again. Now we have a huge stack and it’s for people who don’t really venmo.

What makes your business unique as opposed to others? Just a couple of days ago I was on a jog with my husband in North Caldwell (where I live) and there were so many people saying hello and he’s like “you must be the most popular woman in North Caldwell.” I didn’t know I was gonna have such knack for knowing people’s names until I started trying. I knew I needed to just remember their name and coffee drink because that’s what people like.

What’s something that happened with your business that was unexpected? Totally unexpected part is the relationships we’ve made.

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