Best-Way Trucking

Best-Way Trucking

Best-Way Trucking offers fast same day delivery unlike most other delivery services to those in the Tri State Area. (Photo courtesy of Mark Trewhella)

19 Daniel Road East, Fairfield

(973) 882-3111


Best-Way Trucking is a rush/same day delivery service within the Tri State Area. They deliver anything from envelopes to full truckloads of products and goods. They are unlike delivery services such as UPS or FedEx because they can deliver within 1-2 hours. Along with that, they can hold onto customers’ products in their 100,000 square feet warehousing space until the customer is ready to receive the product. Best-Way Trucking was established in 1975 by Mike Trewhella and is now run by his son Mark Trewhella. Despite challenges they may be faced with, Best-Way Trucking is always determined to meet or surpass expectations and provide the best delivery service for their customers.

How long has your business been running and what is your favorite part of it? The business was established in 1975 by my father Mike Trewhella. My favorite part is the fact that it is a family business with a well known name in the industry for a quality service. I meet many challenges every day and meeting or surpassing those challenges are also my favorite part.

 What makes your business unique as opposed to others? Our niche or unique quality is that we can provide a delivery service  within a minute’s notice. By this I mean we are different from a UPS or FedEx in the respect that our customers call for a delivery and depending on the distance, we deliver within one or two hours. We also have 100,000 square feet of warehousing, so we hold our customers’ products in house until they are ready to receive their product for delivery.

What are some of the ways people could best support your business right now? We specialize in manufactured products and construction supplies for delivery. The thing that could help my business now would be for the economy to open back up and anyone who has a supply or manufacturing business to look into our services. We are very competitive and economical for customer material on a delivery basis.

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