Roxanne Boychuk

Roxanne Boychuk is a 10th grader and contributor to the Wessex Wire. She mostly likes to write opinion pieces and arts and culture pieces.


If you could change something about the world, what would it be?I

It would probably be for racism to end because that’s just the dumbest thing to ever exist.

Do you believe in a multiverse?

I do.

Are you subscribed to PewDiePie?

I am subscribed to Pewdiepie, and he’s actually my favorite YouTuber.

What is something you absolutely despise?

I despise when people wear uggs and sweatshirts in hot weather.

What has changed most about you within the past month?

I’ve changed the most by starting not to care about what people think about me.

How would you describe yourself in a 4 word sentence?

I am very dumb.

What is something you’re great at?

I’m pretty good at making jokes.

Favorite musical artist?

A$ap Rocky.

Do you consider yourself emo? Do you think your chains make you quirky?

Some people think I’m emo because of my chains that I wear, however, I consider my aesthetic more of a hippy vibe and the chains I make just for fun as a hobby.

Worst way to die in your opinion?

The worst way to die is probably drowning. I get anxiety from deep water. 

What was your first language?


How do you cope with hardships?

I mostly use humor. 

What is your favorite season?

 My favorite season of the year is summer.

If you could live in any state, which one would it be?


How many pets do you have?

I have one pet and it is a dog.


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