Colucci, inside and outside the classroom

After teaching at technical schools for 13 years, teacher Gary Colucci decided to start new here at West Essex High School. Always having a passion for history, he now teaches sophomore AP US History and CPA US History I. However, education is not his only interest, and Colucci has many hobbies outside of the classroom that don’t involve the Revolutionary War.     

Although he is new to these halls, Colucci said he’s loving WE and adjusting just fine. Before coming to this school, he taught at Boonton Middle School, Morris County Tech and Warren County Tech. Colucci said he loves working with teens and loves everything about history. 

“I wanted to be part of a very successful school,” Colucci said. 

To start off the year, Colucci had his class research some current events. He tries to mix up activities everyday so the classes don’t feel stale; The first couple of days were rough with scheduling and planning out his lessons, he said, and he was trying to cram a lot into the class periods. As a teacher, he tries to be energetic and provide a lot of opportunities for the students to speak their mind. 

So far, Colucci is impressed with the quality of his students. 

“The most important thing about teaching is getting students to think for themselves.” Colucci said.  

Aside from history, Colucci has a strong passion for sports. Outside of school he loves watching games and plays men’s softball. In highschool, he played baseball, soccer and track. In college, he got to play field hockey during his freshman year. 

Colucci chose West Essex based off of his friend’s recommendations, unsure if he would get the job. Now, he is successfully adjusted and happily teaching his classes. Colucci’s passion for the subject makes his lessons more interesting and exciting for the students. He also always tries to throw in important life lessons into his teachings. 

“All students should know their responsibility to be an informed citizen,” Colucci said, “and they all have a role to shape their community.” 

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