Does Valentine’s Day even have a point?

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Does Valentine’s Day even have a point?

By Hannah McCrone and Monica Barker

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No, it either makes you feel extra lonely or stressed out

Every year, sometime around November, begins a season of new relationships. This is known as cuffing season. This trend begins before the first holiday, Thanksgiving and lasts, in most cases, until it begins to turn warm. Usually, this trend is in the hopes of spending the holidays with a loved one or significant other that will make the day special. Valentine’s Day is one of these holidays.

People want to People want to experience the proverbial “true love” that the day promises to bring. However, being forced to buy gifts that are bought simply because it’s expected by your significant other, makes the holiday full of fake love. If you don’t have a valentine, it’s spent feeling sorry for yourself and lonely. If you do, the stress of making it the perfect day ruins the whole holiday.

“I don’t like it,” senior Alexis Lombardo said. “It just stresses me out.”

To go out to dinner or to not go out to dinner, that is the question. Roses or chocolates? Flowers or jewelry? What do I get him? Candy? Not to mention the new couples who have just started dating. This creates an awkward, unexplored territory where both people don’t know what’s too much or too little for their first Valentine’s together.

“I think it’s pretty important to take time off to spend with the people you love on Valentine’s day,” senior Catherine Marino said. “But I think it’s more about that than the romantic aspect.” For those without a valentine, valentines may be spent with family or friends, but there’s no hiding the fact that the fact that you don’t have a true valentine hurts just a little bit.

“It’s really just a day for couples,” senior Tori Mielnicki said. “If you don’t have a valentine it kind of stinks.” While parents sometimes make up for this, getting a gift from your mom isn’t quite the same as having a valentine. Honestly, the gifts you get from your parents almost rub in the fact that you don’t have someone special to celebrate with.

Valentine’s Day is a day that everyone has forgotten the true meaning behind, most people just know it has something to do with St. Valentine. But what about him, who is he. There are many legends about Valentine’s day, but none are clear or proven facts. Valentine’s day has been warped to the point where it is no longer about love. Instead it creates a time of confusion and forced romance for couples everywhere.

Yes, it’s a special day to spend with your loved ones

As Valentine’s Day comes creeping around the corner people either stress out or get their adrenaline pumping. But it’s simple, you either hate it or love it, seriously though what’s not to love about Valentines Day. A day dedicated to love.

Typically when one hears, Valentines Day, they assume it has to do with a significant other. Personally I think Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with anyone you love. A time to exchange small tokens and share the idea of appreciation.

I like to look at it as a day to just remember there are people who love you and people you love, who deserve to be acknowledged for their actions.

“I like Valentine’s Day because I feel like everyone is happy and in a good mood,” junior Mia Servidio said.

Obviously there are those obnoxious stereotypes where men come home with a heart shaped box of chocolates and a dozen roses, but that isn’t always the case, which is why I support Valentines Day. Many people assume it’s a sappy day full of red heart emojis and lengthy instagram posts for their one and only valentine but it’s a day people need to be more happy about.

It isn’t one of those holidays where everyone has to wish it to one another, or where presents are mandatory for all friends and family. Obviously it isn’t that big of a deal if schools don’t even have off.

“Valentines Day isn’t a stressful holiday like many other holidays, it’s something to be happy about,” senior Abby Rondi said.

To me, the truth is, as a teenager, it is simply a day made to love and be loved. But what’s so wrong with going out to dinner or staying in and watching Netflix. Either way to me it seems like a pretty good time.

“Valentine’s Day is sweet because it’s another reason to eat candy,” senior Jenna Sperduto said.

“Honestly I think Valentine’s Day is a bigger deal for girls but to a guy I think it shows how much their appreciated by everyone in their life,” senior Brian Kendall said.  

I’ve come to realize everyone needs to take the idea of having a “valentine” far less serious. Be happy there is a day devoted to other people in your life, cute little cupids flying in the air, sweets and technically St. Valentine too.