Illustration by Tyler Kostick

As questions arise regarding TikTok’s future, people begin to worry over whether the changes that come as a result will have positive or negative effects.

TikTok: Social media platform or a danger to national security?

Platform faces U.S. ban if unable to resolve threats

By Lindsey Leitner, Managing Editor

TikTok went to court on March 23 as they try to prove that users’ information is not being given to the Chinese government. TikTok, run by its parent company, ByteDance, is based in China. There are growing concerns in the U.S. that ByteDance could share information with the Chinese government or use the platform to publicize misinformation that would benefit China. The bigger issue, however,...

TikTok serves as both a cultural reset and a potential downfall

By Rachel Levine, Editor in Chief

The release of a new song, the beginning of a trend, the rise in fame of an artist—lately, all of the signs seem to be pointing to TikTok. In a way, the versatile social media platform is shaping the current generation right before our eyes.  Influencers have accumulated enough money for their entire lives, starting from just one breakthrough video, and celebrities have made millions off of ...

Legislation pitched as ‘protection from TikTok’ poses serious threat to civil liberties

By Brooke Murphy, Editor in Chief

Endless scrolling on the For You page for entertainment and news has made TikTok a part of day-to-day life for more than 150 million Americans. But what happens when this access to information might be a security risk? The enormous platform that this site has accumulated makes it difficult for a total ban to be a solution. If brought to court, under a strict scrutiny analysis, the government will have...

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